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That Guy Mark Who Lives Around the Corner From You Is Now Worth $34 Billion

You know Mark. He has the hair and wears the thing?


What is that the company you work for does? Makes cars that people drive? That's swell. Kind of retro and weird, but swell. Facebook—the world's premier site for your mother-in-law to tell everyone exactly what she thinks of President Obama—is worth more than that.

On a stock price rise of 0.8 percent yesterday, Facebook's value surpassed $200 billion, making it the 22nd-largest company in the world. At $201.6 billion, it's behind Verizon, but ahead of Toyota, which, you know, makes tangible objects. According to Bloomberg, Facebook's stock has risen 9.3 percent since July 23rd, on good news on mobile ad revenue.

All of that increase makes your Mission neighbor Mark Zuckerberg the world's 13th-richest person, with a net worth of $34.5 billion. The 30-year old has also completed two major recent deals, acquiring VR company Oculus Rift and messaging service WhatsApp. Us on the other hand—we're still trying to work the damn coffee machine in our office.


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