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Help! Leland Yee Is Still on My Ballot!

Don't worry—there are plenty of other people to vote for. Here they are.

Even though he dropped out of the race in late March, Leland Yee's name will still appear on the ballot for this June's election for Secretary of State. We don't know about you, but we're not so keen on voting for an (allegedly) corrupt gun runner for the post that oversees California's elections. And good lord, we can't have him "safeguarding the State Archives" and "serving as a Trustee for the California Historical Museum."

So, with Yee out of the picture, for whom should you actually vote? (And no, you probably shouldn't write in Shrimp Boy.) Here's a SecState primer.

Candidate: Roy Allmond
Party: Republican 
Yeemeter (Ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being extremely un-Yee-like, and 10 being frighteningly Yee-like): 2.
Although we do imagine that military veteran Allmond shares Yee's familiarity with firearms, that's about the only connection between the Tea Partier and the Shark Fin Fixer.

Candidate: Derek Cressman 
Yeemeter (1-10): 1. The former executive of good-government group Common Cause is running on a platform of getting money out of politics. Yee, on the other hand, preferred to get money by being in politics. 

Candidate: Jeff Drobman
Yeemeter (1-10): 3. Both men have Ph.D's—Yee in Child Psychology and Drobman in Computer Science. But the little-known candidate has generated as much attention as Yee's legal team has. Maybe what we need is less well educated candidates? 

Candidate: Alex Padilla
Party: Democratic
Yeemeter (1-10): 5. 
State Senator? Check. Ambitions past the office? Check. The former President of the LA City Council even got into his own cash-related scandal when he was fined $79,000 for breaking his city's campaign spending limits in a 1999 race. 

Candidate: Pete Peterson
 (1-10): 1. The other former executive at a good-government group teaches a class on public policy at Pepperdine. Unlike Yee, he leads the polls. Not to mention his ready for a Marvel comic book name.

Candidate: Dan Schnur
Party: Independent 
Yeemeter (1-10):
 1. The other other good government white guy in the race, Schnur, who was a spokesman for John McCain duing the 2000 Presidential race, more recently served as the head of the state's Fair Political Practices Commission. He's running as an independent in the race and teaches politics classes at UC Berkeley at USC. Schnur is the John Hunstman of the race—the media loves him, but he's struggled to break through to the voters.  

Candidate: David Scott Curtis
Yeemeter (1-10):
2. The Green Party nominee once ran for Governor of Nevada, pulling 0.6%. There's a solid chance that Yee could best that number, even after, you know, everything.  

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