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Her Dad May Have Scored More, But Riley Curry Won the Playoffs Last Night

Run the world (girls).


The scoreboard may have read Golden State Warriors 104, Houston Rockets 90, but the only points that mattered in last night’s game were these: Adorable daughter of Steph Curry 2, Haters 0.

The two-year old daughter of the Warrior’s star point guard once again outshone her father at a post-game press conference, this time yawning mightily, playing hide and seek in a black curtain, and at one point interrupting Steph with her rendition of “Blessings” by Drake and Big Sean. She even handed the gum out of her mouth to an Oracle Arena employee before heading on stage.

Watch highlights of her performance here.

Okay here’s the new deal: The Warriors get to build whatever stadium they want, wherever they want it—cranky old UCSF donors be damned—but in exchange Riley Curry goes on television every night of the year.

Because this is why we can’t have nice things, some members of the sports press corp criticized the kid the last time she came up to the podium with Steph.’s hater-in-residence Brian Windhurst said “I am not in favor of having children, especially very young children on the press conference stage.” Sports shouter Skip Bayless said, “it really hurt the process.”

If the Warriors win the Championship, Riley better be at the head of the victory parade. No matter what it does to “the process.” 


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