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Hide Your Eyes: Bro-Shorts Company Chubbies Is Now Making Bro Sweatshirts

It just got easier to dress head-to-toe in stars and stripes.


The problem with Chubbies—if we have to pick just one—is that the loud, patriotic, nostalgia-stoking man shorts are hard to pull off year-round. In spite of the Jackson Square company's insistence that all of its employees wear shorts to work, always, there comes a time when that's not such a great idea. Especially with El Niño coming to save/destroy us. But yesterday, without a whole lot of fanfare (just a casual “yo” from the Stanford Daily), the company solved that conundrum, by unleashing a new line of cold-weather-wear on its beer-cracking, barbecue-throwing clientele: quarter-zip sweatshirts. 

With names like the Aft’r Party and the Spangler, the new pullovers come, as one would expect, in nautical, patriotic, and '80s retro patterns. Marketed as the Chubbies Half-Zip, the line makes it possible to leave the house proclaiming the Chubbies lifestyle in any kind of weather. “We have winter shorts, but this is our first piece of outerwewar that’s a warm option,” says Kit Garton, Chubbies’ director of communications.

The new shirts, which are made from stonewashed cotton designed to feelabout 20 years old, follow last year’s launch of the company’s first non-shorts item, a buttondown called the Nutter. The full-on Chubbies ensemble is taking shape, and it is going all-in for the core bro value of trying to look like you're not trying at all. Effortless swag, in other words.

And timeless swag, too: “When we first started designing these shirts, the production team asked everyone to bring in their favorite sweatshirt,” recalls Garton. “No one’s favorite sweatshirt was new. They were all from an older era, and a little louder.”

One of the sweatshirts is named the Max, and it's full of geometric blocks of color and party-hat patterns that call to mind the opening credits of Saved By the Bell and, by extension, Zack Morris’s Trapper-Keeper fashion sense. “Someone also said it reminds them of the Nickelodeon show Doug,” Garton adds.

For any ladies feeling left out at this point—or just wondering what on earth to pair with their Miss ’Merica shorts—next year’s new product just might be a women’s line of some sort, adds Garton. Which will basically be this, right? 


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