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A Homebrewed Goodbye to a Local Legend

This weekend the brewing community toasted SF Brewcraft's owner, Griz, who passed away in late September.

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On Septemebr 23rd, the SF homebrewing community lost one of its most colorful leaders in Greg Miller, aka Griz, the owner of SF Brewcraft. Griz, who long suffered from diabetes, was diagnosed with cancer last year. He is survived by his wife Barbara and his dog, Louie, along with the employees and friends of Brewcraft, who have kept the business running, selling supplies and inspiring brewers.

Griz was celebrated yesterday with a block party and homebrew tasting at his former storefront in the Richmond. It was an intimate celebration, with attendees bringing pot luck food and growlers and occasionally popping into nearby Chomp and Swig. The day was cool and sunny, and Griz’s neckties—affixed to a clothesline—swayed in the breeze.

Griz took over Brewcraft in the late ‘90s and taught their free Monday night homebrewing classes. He was known as a brewer-philosopher in circles like the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild, and he was noted for his sizable beard and iconic overalls. His recipes live on in the hands of many able brewers. 

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