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Homeless Official: Greg Gopman Is "the Bane of My Existence"

Though he now apologizes for newly-released emails disparaging the homeless-hater turned do-gooder.


Greg Gopman, the techie who drew the city's ire for his screed against homeless people and then embarked on a public quest for redemption has at least one critic in city government who was leery of his return. In March, Gopman, who once called them "degenerates," returned to the public eye by organizing a summit on homelessness policy, saying that he had changed and learned.

At the time, at least one city official wasn't buying it. In an email that Gopman posted to Twitter this morning, the Director of Public Policy at Mayor's Office of Housing Opportunity, Partnership & Engagement, Sam Dodge wrote, "He is the bane of my existence. Not really, but I think he is a phony."

Dodge went on to write, "He is relatively harmless, but I don't really want any more connections between him and the City." The email, which was written as Gopman was mustering support for his town hall meeting, was cc'd to Bevan Dufty, the Director of Housing Opportunity, Partnerships and Engagement in the office of the Mayor, and accused Gopman of organizing it to "help clear his google search profile of all the horrible things he said." 

Today, Gopman was in no mood for reconciliation. He took to Twitter to say that "good government empowers citizens making change" and that Dodge "made him sick." Gopman went on to add that "there's politics, and then there's bad people in politics."

For his part, Dodge sounded a conciliatory note this afternoon, saying that he "regrets that a private conversation making comments belittling Gopman's efforts went public. I don't want to disparage anyone." Dodge went on to praise Gopman's work in helping to organize the town hall, saying, "I'm trying to have a change of heart with him." 

The emails were released in response to a public records request by Michael Petrelis, a local activist.  


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