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"How Much Tech Can One City Take?" The Twittersphere Responds

 Reader reactions to David Talbot's controversial piece on San Francisco's new tech boom.

David Talbot's recent piece ("How Much Tech Can One City Take?") on whether the tech industry is hurting the soul of San Francisco stirred up a huge debate. In fact, the volume of readers crashed our servers briefly last week. Once we recovered, we turned to Twitter (where else?) to gauge the reaction.

Here are ten of the most thought-provoking tweets:

timoni west @timoni It’s an issue I get very sensitive about. I’m very conscious of being well off, of working at Twitter, of feeling helpless about it.

Olu Johnson ‏@periqueblend: The SF tech boom would be more tolerable if every bar I went to didn't feel like I was on the Stanford quad.

Michael Knopf ‏@M_KnopfCan't stand when ppl glorify pregentrification era cities as having "character." Otherwise  good read on San Francisco.

Albert Poon ‏@albertpoon: The only constant in this town is change. Possibilities and displacement. Worry? OK. But, there is no “true”SF.

Bill Gurley ‏@bgurley: Some people must find negativity even when the data is positive. Massive SF job growth positioned as a problem.

Chris Schmidt ‏@schmidt415: Dear rent control: love you. Come at me, richnerdbro!

greg silin ‏@gregsbriefs: Concern may be valid, but Twitter is bad example. They took over bad part of soma RT Is tech destroying San Francisco?

Rebecca Frank ‏@frankrebecca: Rich web guy wrings hands about SF too full of young rich web guys (I get it, but some self-reflection would be nice)

Michael Cullina ‏@michaelcullinaClassic example of a first world problem

Meredith Martin ‏@StreetsofM: "Tech workers don’t love the city? A million pics of the Golden Gate, Four Barrel & Giants games show otherwise"

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