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How to Travel Like a Girl

Span the globe without leaving San Francisco at Women's Travel Fest.


For many people, travel is deeply personal. It’s overcoming a fear of the unknown. Or it’s learning about foreign cultures. Or maybe it’s just escaping the monotony of every day life. Whatever your reason is, February 27 to March 1, Women’s Travel Fest will be exploring all the different reasons to travel and offering tips, workshops, and panels for novice to seasoned female travelers. The first night kicks off with a schmoozing event at SOMA StrEat Food Park, followed by a series of panel discussions on Saturday and workshops Sunday. Here are four reasons it will make you a better traveler.

You'll get inspired.
You’re not limited to two weeks of vacation a year, if you don’t want to be. Hear how other women have taken a break from their careers without raiding their 401k, traveled to remote areas, left dead-end marriages for a life abroad, and other stories of leaving home. A roster of intrepid travelers will be on various panels and workshops to inspire your latent wanderlust.

You'll learn to go solo.
Traveling alone can be a thrilling experience completely different from going with a partner or group. But there are rules of the road you should know before setting off to Cuba on your own. Travel journalists and editors will discuss what you need to know to travel to remote or dangerous areas, including essential apps and gadgets to help you find your way.

You'll plan to travel on the cheap.
No, that doesn’t mean you’re condemned to slurping Top Ramen every night in a hostel dorm. Veteran budgeters will divulge tips on various panels for racking up frequent flier miles and how to curb your spending on the road without sacrificing a good trip.

Most importantly, you'll figure out how not to die.
Knowing how to protect yourself can be the difference between I really good trip and a really bad one. And unlike what many people would like to believe, being safe does not just mean using common sense. On a Saturday panel three solo travelers and an M.D. will provide tips on staying safe and healthy abroad. 


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