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Small-batch Sriracha available by the barrel.  

Sosu sriracha

 Sosu's new sriracha 

At the end of last year, the threatened shuttering of the Huy Fong Foods plant near Los Angeles had chili sauce addicts stocking up on bottles of the rooster as if it were the sriracha apocalypse. Should there be another scare, though, fanatics can rest easy: Sosu—the San Francisco– based maker of one-year-old Srirachup (sriracha meets ketchup)—is getting ready to release its first real round of preservative-free, whiskey barrel–aged sriracha.

With 1,500 pounds of red jalapeños and fresnos (grown by Avalos Organic Farm in Hollister) fermenting away in a pungent mash of garlic, brown sugar, and salt, Sosu’s founder, Lisa Murphy, is ready to start jarring. “After a month of aging, you notice the fruity notes,” she says. “It calms down the spiciness as well.” While a test run of the sriracha has been successfully sold at farmers’ markets, to get in on the debut, you’ll have to do the Kickstarter thing. For $20, you can have a jar of your own. For true enthusiasts, $7,500 gets you your own private barrel.

Buy a barrel of Sosu sriracha on Kickstarter.


Originally published in the February 2014 issue of San Francisco.

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