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Inauguration Agitation: Scenes from a Bay Area Rising Up

Not even rain can stop ’em.


Joining hands at this morning's Bridge Together protest, which brought 2,500 people onto the Golden Gate to link arms.

Photo: Holman Photography

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Photo: Marin County Sheriff

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Marchers carried two banners in tandem down Market Street. They read "PROTECT women’s rights, healthcare, public education, immigrant rights, unions" and "RESIST hate, racism, corporate greed."

Photo: Ashley Caputo

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In the Financial District.

Photo: Eunice Kwon

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Photo: Ryan-Vincent Alvarez

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At Sproul Plaza, Berkeley.

Photo: Isabel Lichtman

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At Sproul Plaza.

Photo: Alicia Flores

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Protesters march at Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland. 

Photo: Corinne Grace

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Protesters at San Jose City Hall.

Photo: Still from video by David Marsland on Instagram.

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Bridge Together participant Erin Dunigan.

Photo: Alex Fredericks

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From San Francisco to Oakland to Berkeley to San Jose, thousands are taking to the streets today against President Trump. This morning, about 2,500 people formed a human chain along the Golden Gate Bridge. Earlier, protesters blocked Caltrain at 16th and Mississippi Streets, forcing riders to board shuttle buses (all is clear now), and others blocked the entrance to Uber's headquarters (Their beef: CEO Travis Kalanick is part of Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum). The biggest crowd in S.F. marched through the Financial District, toting a large “Resist” banner and forming the occasional kickline. There was also this pretty awesome T rex

In Berkeley, hundreds gathered at Sproul Plaza, Oakland marchers took to Oscar Grant Plaza, and in San Jose, protesters rallied at Plaza de Cesar Chavez and marched to City Hall. So far, everything looks pretty peaceful. The Marin County Sheriff commended the Golden Gate Bridge protesters on a “well planned, organized, attended, behaved #bridgetogethergg event.” Not so in Washington, D.C., where rioters set fire to a limo

At the Golden Gate Bridge, where 2,500 people had just linked arms—and formed possibly the first human chain across the bridge—this trio posed with a rainbow sign: “We can be the bridge over these troubled waters.” Now you’re tearing us up.

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