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Innovation Almanac

Our March innovation issue had too many inventions, discoveries, and just plain awesomeness to corral between two covers. So here's all the amazing stuff we loved that didn't quite fit. Check back for regular updates!

Stanford's Karl Deisseroth.

Innovation Almanac #1: How a Stanford scientist can control brains by shining lasers at them. By Ben Christopher.

Innovation Almanac #2: How a team of Berkeley scientists think they can make a time-space crystal—a clock that will run forever. By Scott Lucas

Innovation Almanac #3: Crowd-funding a project to map all the micro-organisms that live in the human body. By Jeremy Dorn.

Innovation Almanac #4: Fire station health care. By Rob Waters.

Innovation Almanac #5: Cree: Building the Future. By Lauren Murrow

Innovation Almanac #6: No More Double Clicking. By Ben Christopher

Innovation Almanac #7: A Friendlier Vibrator. By Katy Quigg.




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