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Innovation Almanac: Forget Home Movies—How About Home Music Videos?

A pair of Ph. D.'s whose apps have enabled a virtual symphony—turning mobile phones into pianos, drums, ocarinas, and even T-Pain rap-style vocals—are now gunning for one of 2013’s Holy Grails.

Parag Chordia, the chief scientist at music-tech company Smule, along with Smule co-founder Ge Wang, recently launched CineBeat, an app that allows you to turn your life into a music video. You create a custom soundtrack to go along with your footage, and, through the use of Instagram-like filters and a variety of editing tools, you make your own little movie.

Chordia, 37, studied classical Indian music in his ancestral homeland, and Wang, 35, has found parallels between writing music and writing computer programs. Their goal was to discover creative interactions between the two fields. “How can we take technology and help people become better musicians?” asks Chordia. Adds Wang: “Making music shouldn’t just be about going to a conservatory or a concert hall. It’s in everyday life around us. It’s can be as easy as picking up your phone.”

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