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Preview Interim Ivy's Prep-School-Inspired Vintage Garb

Toronto-based "contemporary thrift" collective the Art of Reuse hosts a Brooklyn Circus pop-up on Saturday.

Letterman jackets, velvet blazers, and preppy ties at Interim Ivy--most all under $50.

Levi's denim jacket, $25; J.Crew striped oxford, $20; Levi's denim shorts, $24; vintage reversible varsity jacket, $50.

Polo Ralph Lauren oxford, $25; Polo Ralph Lauren tie, $16; North Country short-sleeve oxford, $18; YSL fine-stripe shirt, $20; Pelican Bay tie, $15; Fine Line short-sleeve oxford, $18.

Harris Tweed blazer, $25; J.Crew spread-collar shirt, $18; J.Crew tie, $16; Polo Ralph Lauren golf belt, $16; Polo ralph Lauren khaki pants, $20; Paul Smith toque, $16.

Japanese-inspired posters for the Interim Ivy shop.

Sean Brown and Courtney Eastman, the Goodwill-hunting gurus behind Toronto-based digital magazine the Art of Reuse, specialize in scouting what they call contemporary thrift: vintage and secondhand finds that look brand new. Inspired by Comme des Garcons's guerilla pop-up stores, the pair started hosting one-day shopping events called Interim in their native Canada two years ago, offering a curated trove of thrifted clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids. Last year, the duo took the concept on the road, hosting a one-day shop in New York; this Saturday, Interim arrives at San Francisco's Brooklyn Circus. The Saturday-only shop, dubbed Interim Ivy, focuses on pristine '50s and '60s Ivy League-inspired garb: button-down shirts, striped ties, varsity jackets, preppy crew-neck sweaters, and professorial blazers. The 150-piece assortment is tightly edited and a 3-items-per-shopper limit will be enforced. Get there early to scoop up finds like a vintage red wool letterman jacket ($80), a Polo Ralph Lauren burgundy velvet blazer ($40), and pristine Pierre Cardin black leather wingtips ($45). In addition to the vintage and secondhand racks, you'll also find new spins on collegiate classics, like a collection of graphic tees patterned after old-school mascots and emblems. Click ahead for a preview.

Interim Ivy at Brooklyn Circus, 1521 Fillmore St., 415-359-1999, 6/30; 12-6pm.