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It's Like a Computer, but for Your Chest

Smart shirts are now a thing.

If you googled the phrase "Smart Shirts" this morning, your first hit might be—like it was for us—this candid street shot of Taylor Swift wearing very small shorts and an untucked dress shirt. So store up all the happy feelings that super-cute photo gives, because the next story down will sap them all away.

Because intelligent shirts are now a thing. Imagine a pair of Google Glass, but for your chest. What could possibly go wrong with that?

The story, from TechCrunch, is that a Montreal-based company, OMsignal, is now accepting orders from customers for its computer-equipped wearables, which come in four types: undershirts, sleeveless tees, t-shirts, and longsleeve shirts. All of them are designed for men.

The shirts are equipped to measure the wearers' heart rate, respiration, steps taken, calories burned, movement intensity and run for two to three days off a small battery clip. The shirt's sensors communicate wireless with a smartphone app.  

So why not shirts for women? The CEO of the company explained that “[With men] the bar on fit and fashion is not as high.”

Since the shirts don't record the information of anyone besides you, they're probably aren't very likely to get you thrown out of any bars or mugged by protestors. But give it time. If buses can turn into a symbol of class struggle, shirts aren't safe either—no matter how smart they are.


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