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It's National Donut Day. Eat Some Donuts Already.

Here's where to get them.

Bamboloni from Heartbaker

Bamboloni from Heartbaker


It’s National Donut Day, which is totally not a thing that the lamestream media made up because it’s Friday and we’re lazy and don’t want to do real work. Pinky swear. So with lunch time fast approaching, here’s six sugary, larded-up spots to get your donut on. Save some calories for tomorrow, though. Saturday is national $4 Avocado Toast Day.

Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop
1621 Polk, Polk Gulch
MVP Donut: Some Bun Thing. An apple-filled, nut covered hunk of belly-busting goodness.
Runner Up: The Big Donut, which is the size of this small child’s face.

Silver Crest Donut Shop
340 Bayshore Blvd, Bayview
MVP Donut: A shot of ouzo at what’s technically half dive bar/half donut shop that never closes.
Runner Up: 7” diameter, chocolate glazed.

Dynamo Donut
2760 24th Street, Mission and 110 Yacht Road, Marina
MVP Donut: Two hours at SoulCycle.
Runner Up: Baker’s choice. Would a donut shop with this many awards do you wrong? 

1408 Clement Street, Inner Richmond
MVP Donut: Bamboloni filled with seasonal ingredients.
Runner Up: Peach dumpling. (Not technically a donut, but we’ll allow it).

Literally Just Any Donut You Buy from Safeway and Heat up in a Microwave
Assorted locations
MVP Donut: Sprinkles
Runner Up: No sprinkles


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