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Jane Lynch Is Coming to Town to Sing, Not to Answer Your Stupid Questions

"What are you even writing?"


Jane Lynch, most famous for playing the sadistic gym coach on Glee, brings her cabaret show to the Palace of Fine Arts this Saturday. If you're just interested in Lynch singing and having good times onstage with her friends, go check out the tour site right now. You‘ll have a great evening. But if you're interested in Lynch shutting someone down so hard they may never get up again, keep reading.

First, the goods: The show, See Jane Sing, is a bit of serendipity. A New York cabaret asked Lynch to “bring her act” to their stage for a few nights, but Lynch didn’t actually have a live act. Necessity being the mother of cabaret (close enough), she put one together on short notice, bringing in a five-piece band and The Office’s Kate Flannery (they’re old friends) to join on a song or two. The lineup includes some jazz, some Broadway numbers from her childhood, and a Judy Garland song that had been cut from an episode of Glee. “I don’t think I have a single thing written before 1950,” Lynch says. The New York crowd loved it and now she's on the road.

So that’s what’s going down. We thought we'd ask her about all of that in a recent interview. Things did not go as planned. In fact, they got oddly tense. It's an occupational hazard—sometimes interviews go awry. But this one left a mark. For example, we asked: When you’re putting together a show like this, what makes the difference between a song you just love to listen to and a song you want to sing onstage?

“Why would that help your article?”

Um, no particular reason. We’re just curious how an experienced vocalist approaches music?

“God, I don’t know. I have no idea. I hope you've got something to write about, because I can't answer that.”

All right, forget the music. Not every question is a winner. How about the city? San Franciscans love to know what stars love about San Francisco.

“I’ve never really gotten to see the city.”

Any plans this time then?

“Sing my show and leave.”

Got it. Well, you can always leave with a song in your heart. Any favorite San Francisco tunes?

“Nope. What are you even writing? I don’t see why I’d talk about Union Square or whatever. This is about my show.”

Okay, forget the city. The city's not that important. Man, is it getting hot in here? Lynch, for the record, has a universal reputation for being friendly, personable, and the complete inverse of her TV character, but we still felt like we were on the verge of receiving a patented Sue Sylvester verbal death blow from which we’d never recover. Panicking, we tried to lob a softball joke question at her about leaving her heart here, hoping she'd improv something funny and laughter would set all things right.

“What is this, are you trying standup? I think that’s it. I’ve said everything I’m going to.”

Boom, that's it. At eight minutes, forty seconds, Coach said we were O-U-T. We're still a little stunned, reader. We've had celeb interviews clobber us a time or two before, but Lynch is the first big name to deliver an unqualified KO to San Francisco, although she did very gamely take a couple more questions by email later. So we'll say it again: You really should check her out at the Palace of Fine Arts on Saturday. The program comes very well-reviewed, and she’s a phenomenal singer.

Catch her while you can. Because we couldn’t catch Lynch at all.


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