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Jerry Garcia May Get What He Always Wanted: An Official Plaque

Because what is rock-n-roll about if not government recognition? 

Somebody erect this man a statue already. 


"Once and a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right" sang the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. "Also, the city gives you a nice commemorative plaque."

What, you don't remember that line? Come by our office sometime, we've got a great bootleg of "Scarlet > Brass Plaque" you can listen to.  

In fact, Supervisor John Avalos did a great cover version of it last night at the Board of Supervisors, where he introduced a resolution for the city to erect a commemorative marker at the two childhood homes of Garcia, who lived at 121 Amazon Avenue until he was five, until moving to 87 Harrington Street. Both of those were in the Excelsior District, where an amphitheater named after Garcia in McLaren Park hosts the annual Jerry Day. 

Avalos's resolution stated, "Commemorating the childhood homes of Jerry Garcia will celebrate Garcia's unique contributions to the social and cultural life of the city and help promote the significant role the Excelsior District played in the formative years of this unique San Franciscan."

The Board is scheduled to vote on the commemorative markers in September, after it gets back from a month of, like, getting its shit together, man. 

If Garcia were to receive a commemorative plaque from the city government, his would join such counter-cultural achievements as George Washington's Farewell Address, the site of the first branch of the US Mint, and the Westfield mall. The only thing there is to say? Every silver lining's got a touch of grey.


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