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Jesse Draper's 'Valley Girl Show' Hits TV This Sunday

A TV is like a laptop that's plugged into the wall and doesn't go on the internet. Ask your parents about it. 


You may not be in complete love with Jesse Draper's cutesy pink approach to tech reporting—but you can't say it isn't working.

The online talk show host is making the jump to television this Sunday. Over the last six years, the former Nickelodeon performer and daughter of Six Californias mastermind Tim Draper has booked an impressive lineup of tech bigwigs like Sheryl Sandberg, Elon Musk, and Ron Conway on her web series. She also once talked Vinod Khosla into painting her neck and face green—which, well, there's that.

But whatever it is she's doing, it's working. Draper is taking the show to television—the first 30-minute episode debuts on KICU/TV36 on Sunday at 7 pm. No word yet on the guests, but they—and Draper—should be something to see.

Draper tells the Chronicle that she's not worried about being taken less seriously because of how she presents herself. "You are judged based on your appearance a lot of the time. I hear things like that I dress too frilly to be taken seriously. Or I should cut my hair shorter," she said. "And I think, 'Or you could just talk to me and see that I'm not an idiot.'"

Or you could tune in. That works too.


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