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Jon Bonné Wants You to Have a Good Time Drinking Wine

With rules!

The New Wine Rules


Who among us hasn’t been condescended to by a fancy wine shop clerk or the mansplaining connoisseur who seems to show up at every dinner party? Jon Bonné understands how many would-be wine lovers are paralyzed by the fear of saying something stupid or liking something they aren’t supposed to like.

As he writes in the preface of his new book, The New Wine Rules, which was released in November by Ten Speed Press, “An obsession with ‘wine expertise’ in this country may have made it harder for us to enjoy wine.”

If the kind of snobbery that feeds into that fear isn’t yet dead, Bonné wants to kill it once and for all—in part through this slim volume, which would make a fine holiday gift for any curious wine novice.

You can turn to any page at random and learn something new and interesting. Page 21: what it really means when someone says a wine is “animal” or “rustic.” Page 104: a handy illustration showing where you should—and shouldn’t—store your wine. Page 116: a quick debunking of the whole idea of a “perfect” food-and-wine pairing.

These “rules” aren’t about pedantry. They’re practical tips meant to liberate you, finally, to have a good time when you’re drinking wine.


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco 

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