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At Last: An App That Makes Networking Less Painful

No more awkward mixers! (SPONSORED)


Here’s the unfortunate truth about networking events that everyone knows and no one admits: Most people you’d really be pleased to meet don’t have time for cattle-call mixers. Or, even if they do turn up, how are you going to find them, let alone recognize them from that tiny LinkedIn profile photo? And, short of the Warriors or the Giants passing out nametags and lanyards at games, how would you run across them in your social life? 

Yeah, the Warriors are never going to do that. But they did recently test out a new app that accomplishes much the same thing, and without forcing folks to write their own names in Sharpie. It’s called Wavework, and it's an event-specific platform that allows users to view professional profiles and make connections while attending live events. (Think Foursquare meets LinkedIn.) Wavework uses geofencing—which is basically a virtual perimeter—to allow everyone attending an event to see who’s there. So in that Warriors scenario, you can see all the other Wavework users, view their profiles, and message people you’d like to connect with. It’s all taken care of in-app—no desperate glances over the shoulder of the person you’re talking to, no awkward fumbling for business cards.

Profiles are searchable, too, so if you’re wondering who from Google is in attendance, it’s as easy as locating the nearest burrito on Yelp. Once you find people you want to connect with, the easiest way to proceed is to message them directly. Wallflowers will appreciate that there are more subtle opportunities for interaction—such as liking or commenting on someone’s in-app status update. Consider taking a cue from Steph, though, and just go for it. 

As Wavework grows, the app will eventually be available at every event. This month, Wavework will be switched on at March Madness games, the Big East Tournament, the World Golf Championships, and South by Southwest. 

Say what? You don’t want to lose precious gametime minutes to pings and notifications from your phone? You too can benefit from Wavework. Afterwards, you can still see who checked in, and you’ll be able to message them to marvel at that last shot and maybe even set up coffee.

The Wavework app is available for download in the Apple app store. Download it now and start making the most of every event! Find out more here.


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