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Little Old Lady Goes All Tiananmen on EBay Commuter Shuttle

Blocks bus for 30 minutes after she says it fails to stop at a crosswalk. 


Sometimes the picture says it all. This story is one of those. Above, a picture courtesy of 7x7 of a little old lady allegedly flipping the bird to an eBay commuter shuttle last night in Pac Heights.

The shot was taken around 8:30 last night in front of Jackson Fillmore Trattoria. 

7x7 quotes a tipster as saying the following:

"I guess the bus driver did a rolling stop at the stop sign and didn't let her cross so she FLIPPED out. She proceeded to scream at him for 30 minutes saying that this is what is wrong with SF now with all of these corporate buses and how he could have killed her. She would not give it up and continued to direct traffic, letting every other car behind him go by, refusing to let him go. She finally gave up." 

So, heroic stand against the onslaught of tech shuttles, or endearing little old lady losing her mind? All we know is this—we'd hate to have been the driver.

One more thing: Sure would be a shame if internet commentators were to turn this photo into a lolcats-style meme. Yup, that'd be just the worst...


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