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Lululemon Lights the Way to Nirvana

Mood lighting is probably the last thing on your mind when your work out, but it could just put the “personal” touch in personal training—or at least the yoga-heads at athletic clothing store Lululemon, Cow Hollow think so. Tonight, this branch of the Vancouver-based label will be hosting a free event called Candlelight Workout Under the Stars. It may sound silly, but don’t be fooled by the name—you will feel the burn. The group workout will be led by a host of Bay Area professional trainers. Candles “add a layer of peace,” the store’s promo says, especially for the post-workout powwow on fitness goals and challenges. Let’s hope Lululemon brings enough candles to warm up everyone who shows; temperatures are supposed to be around 62 degrees F this evening.

Event Details, click here.

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