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Lunch Break Link Bait

The fascinating, the important, and the bizarre from our friends on the interweb.

SF's 5 Greatest Lyfts: We told you about Disco Lyft, but what about Ghostbusters Lyft? Introducing the weird and wild Lyft cars roaming our streets. [H/t: Thrillist]

'Book of Mormon' Returns to SF This Fall: We didn't get tickets the last time around either. [H/t: sfist]

Deadheads fight potential renaming of Jerry Garcia Amphitheater: It might be a little late to bemoan the selling-out of The Grateful Dead when you can buy these ties. But what do we know? [H/t: sfgate]

Central Subway consultants overbill $336,000, including cakes, parking ticket: Overbilling? Slow down a little with the allegations. We'd have to know what kind of cakes they were. [H/t: sfgate]

5 Best Ice Cream Scoops in the City: Face it, you're leaving work at 3 today just like everyone else. Here's the ice cream to look forward to. [H/t: sfist]

Michelle Tea lives in a Gemini City That’s Always At War With Itself: The author of the novel Valencia writes about coming to grips with gentrification. It has something to do with astrology. [H/t: The Bold Italic]

San Francisco Again Tries to Deal With Chronic Alcoholics: The SFPD looks to San Diego for models of breaking the streets-to-drunk-tank-cycle. [H/t: KQED]


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