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Lyft Tries to Corner the Justin Bieber Fan Base with Un-Beliebably Pointless Promo

Lyft riders can get the millennial heartthrob's new album for just $5 when they "slide into Bieber mode."


Lyft, the mustachioed ride-hailing company that isn’t Uber, is offering a promotion aimed at a curiously narrow demographic: Justin Bieber fans who need rides. (To the mall? To the Aquarius Records, where help is available?) Starting November 12, one whole day before Beiber’s new album drops, Lyft riders will have the opportunity to pay just $5 to download it, when they take a $5 Lyft ride. (This is called “sliding into Bieber mode” for some reason.) To promote the promotion, the baby-faced millennial pop star himself rode around surprising Lyft passengers—a video that you definitely don’t need to watch to understand the discount concept at work here. The promotion runs through November 19, at which point it’s probably safe to Lyft again.

As Wired observes, the target audience for the promo is bizarrely specific, relying as it does on a niche user base of fans so die hard that they need the album one day before everyone else, are in need of transportation, and are at least 18 years of age—which is a requirement for booking a solo Lyft ride. The prospect of excited teens asking their moms to accompany them on a Lyft ride is, well, not super belieb-able.

Best we can guess, Lyft—finding itself stuck on the crowded second tier of ride-hailing apps—decided to try to start future users young. Even so, as Wired observes, “it’s hard to remember a marketing channel that was this convoluted.” It could be worse, though. We’d like to personally thank Travis Kalanick for not foisting a fleet of Belubers upon the world. 


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