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Meet the Makeshift Society

 A new creative collective opens in Hayes Valley.

Rena Tom [38]

Indie Business Consultant

"Not everyone aspires to sell their company to Google someday; some people are happy being a business of a certain size. I’m an instigator: I’m always discovering lovely new designers and hooking them up with each other."

Sarah Deragon [35]


"I specialize in working with people who hate having their picture taken—I give you the photo that your best friend would take if she had a $3,000 camera."

Dina Howard [27]


"I have this personal motto: ‘We should all be able to craft a living by living our craft.’ I’ve been an art curator for Four Barrel coffee, a hobbyist graphic designer, and a performance artist."

Joel Flory [32]

Digital Tools Developer

"San Francisco has one of the strongest, most well-educated blogger communities in the country. They marry food and culture and tech into this big-picture DIY lifestyle."

Lisa Anderson Shaffer [36]

Accessory Designer

"I’m a maker of modern heirlooms; I’m also a licensed psychotherapist. It’s my fantasy to outfit every gentleman in San Francisco with a handmade pocket square."


Eric Rewitzer [46]


“I do hand-carved relief prints of iconic California imagery. We just converted an old grocery store in the Outer Sunset into a new studio.”


Kate Koeppel [28]

Visual Designer

“I coordinate a community-based workshop series called Skill Exchange. I call it craft activism. This month I’m learning how to letterpress and properly break down a chicken.”


Victoria Smith [53]

Design Blogger

“I just put a tepee out in my yard and decorated it with all kinds of throw pillows and vintage quilts. If I don’t fall asleep, it’s a very productive place to work.”


Jared Frazer [27]


“I make short films about businesses with a DIY spirit, like Avedano’s butcher shop and Tellason denim. When I was a kid, I had no idea that I even had the option to be a denim maker or a butcher. I try to tell real, genuine stories.”

Erin Hiemstra [32] 

Blogger and Digital Media Consultant

"I'm a jane of all trades: I’ve worked in politics, nonprofits, corporate PR. Five years ago I started blogging about interior design and fashion—stuff I never thought I could make a living caring about. People are crazy voyeurs; they love to see inside your house."

As a web designer turned jewelry maker turned stationer turned boutique owner turned indie business consultant, Rena Tom is the embodiment of San Francisco's do-what-you-love startup culture. Having sold her housewares and gifts store, Rare Device, last year, she has now teamed up with interior designer Victoria Smith (aka shelter blogger SF Girl by Bay) to launch Makeshift Society (235 Gough St., at Hickory St.), a Hayes Valley clubhouse and coworking space geared toward polymaths like herself--architects, fashion designers, photographers, illustrators, small-batch producers, and more (bloggers all). After months of construction and decorating--many of club's future members pitched in--the space opened its doors this week. Here, 10 pioneering society members.

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