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Milk of the Moment

Almond milk is trending around the Bay Area. Here's how to get it delivered straight to your door.

Not long ago, Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel made the bold move to swap soy milk for almond milk on his coffee counter. he preferred the taste of almond, which is less chalky than soy, but he also felt a little guilty about the plight of the monarch butterfly. (See studies on the threat to D. plexippus posed by genetically modified soy crops.)

Now Tooker’s soy-shunning is having a domino effect, with Sightglass Coffee following suit. So far, Califia Farms almond milk is Tooker’s brand of choice, but for the conscientious home consumer, high-quality nut milks are being made and delivered by juice companies such as Living Greens and Can Can Cleanse. The latter now has its own nut milk line, seen here, and it drops its date-sweetened “milk” on your porch in an old-school stainless steel milk box. Splash it into your coffee or drink it straight (preferably ice cold on a hot summer day). It’s just like in the olden days—except not at all.

Can Can Nut Milk also comes in specialty flavors, including Vanilla Almond and Mixed Nut. Three-pack sampler, $18

Originally published in the June 2013 issue of San Francisco

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