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Muni Poster: Free Shrimp Boy

But no love for Leland Yee. 


Muni Diaries spotted a masterpiece of agit/prop affixed inside a Muni bus—a poster proclaiming "Free Shrimp Boy."

The posting first got notice over on Shrimp Boy's Facebook page, which if you haven't spent time perusing, we highly recommend.

Unlike State Senator Leland Yee, who former collegues say never really built a large base of support, Raymond Chow still holds a certain amount of public support. Just check out the posts on the Facebook page, which include, "Free shrimp boy! He's done enough time. Stop Fukin' with him gov," and "Raymond chow is a good man!" 

To be fair, someone also asked, "How many Shrimp Boys does one have to purchase before one gets a free Shrimp Boy?"


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