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Museum-worthy rides roll into San Francisco

Just remember: please don't ride the art.

Banish thoughts of craft fairs and Etsy kitsch: When the Museum of Craft and Design (MCD) opens its doors in Dogpatch this fall, it will be to the sound of purring engines and the smell of exhaust. The museum’s inaugural exhibit is by Sebastopol artist Michael Cooper, best known for his sculptural, mechanical vehicles crafted from wood, chromed steel, and aluminum. “I’ve just always been interested in things related to speed,” says Cooper, “anything with a motor and wheels.” The show will feature 18 of Cooper’s intricately constructed works, such as Soap Box Racer, a curvaceous red oak tricycle (above) and Ride, a hopping, helicopter-equipped chair with eight motors. Get a sneak peak this month at MCD’s pop-up exhibit, which previews a small selection of work from the museum’s collection.

Dogpatch Café & Gallery, 2295 3rd St. (near 20th St.), 415-255-9982; through 10/27