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My BDF (Best-Dressed Friend): Part IV

 From left: Lisa Ellsworth, Graham Hicks, Diamanda Kallas, and Aimee Fountain

THE TREND SPOTTER: Michael Phillips Moskowitz

34, Founder of Bureau of Trade (Dogpatch)

"My style mixes measured formality with a dose of 'What the hell is he wearing?'"

Michael's BDF: "Davide is a scholar, gentleman, charmer, a could-be womanizer--but not as a matter of principle. Still, he's an ongoing object of female affection."

Davide Agnelli

37, Interaction Designer (SoMa)

"I'm fond of leather derbies, Japanese denim, and gray wools. Fewer, better things that work on my bike or in the boardroom."

Davide's BDF: "Graham is a master of colors, patterns, and bold socks. Nothing too loud, but just enough to notice."

Graham Hicks

33, Product Designer (Mission)

"Great style is about balance of personality and restraint. My favorite accessory is my blue Issey Miyake watch--it's brilliantly reductive and strong."

Graham's BDF: "Hallie can make a thrifted T-shirt look dressy, or a fancy dress look casual. She's daring, but never contrived."

Hallie Fyd

34, Social Media Manager (Temescal)

"I try for a 1950s bad-girl look, without crossing into rockabilly; the major thing holding me back is my inability to apply thick eyeliner. I've probably spent half of my adult life in this T-shirt."

Hallie's BDF: "Aimee manages to make perfectly normal articles of clothing look outrageous and complicated."

Aimee Fountain

31, Adjunct English Professor (NoPa)

"I make inexpensive clothes look expensive. There's nothing sadder than seeing someone who looks physically oppressed by her clothes."

Aimee's BDF: "Uyen isn't terrified by high-end stores and enters them actually intending to buy--as evidence by the time she breezily shopped at Maison Martin Margiela while I slunk around behind her."

Uyen Tran

31, Attourney (Dogpatch)

"My style is minimalist with a twist: fitted jeans, a cashmere sweater, ballet flats, and some large, vintage rhinestone earrings. Rhinestones add a nice dimension to an otherwise pared-down outfit."

Uyen's BDF: "Lisa is known for mixing romanticism and precision. She's great at finding local designers and has an eye for construction and detail."

Lisa Ellsworth

36, Curator (Mission)

"I tend to wear a uniform that seldom changes. My favorite outfit is a vintage black smock dress with Japanese-print trim that belonged to my mom. She bought it with the first paycheck she ever received from college."

Lisa's BDF: "LIane looks impeccable and at ease in a wardrobe of uniform-style smocks, tunics, coats, and a pair of utilitarian boots."

LIane Alexis

35, Artist (Tenderloin)

"My wardrobe is inspired by revolutionaries from around the world. One of my favorite pieces is a long woolen tunic by Yohji Yamamoto."

LIane's BDF: "If {Japanese dancer} Kazuo Ohno and {German dancer} Pina Bausch had a love child, they would produce Diamanda."

Diamanda Kallas

28, Drag Queen (SoMa)

"My two favorite couture outfits were each given to me by fairy dragmothers of sorts: a McQueen-inspired dress by Mr. David and amoebalike gown by Kaisik Wong."

Diamanda's BDF: "Sometimes Rheal will change her look so hard, I won't recognize her immediately."

Rheal Tea

24, Entertainer (Lower Haight)

"My style is an inner battle between a young man and an old woman. My favorite garment is a denim jacket with houndstooth lining and an embossed, all-seeing eye on the back."


San Francisco’s color-splashed, layered-on sense of style famously defies categorization. So to properly assess the city’s sartorial scope, we took a crowd-sourced approach, starting with four intriguingly dressed locals—a septuagenarian couture collector, a natty web entrepreneur, a jet-setting stylist, and a Duke Ellington–worshipping jazz musician—and one loaded question: Who’s your best-dressed friend? The ensuing 40-person round-robin is a snapshot of the city’s eclectic spirit, winding through leather-clad punk rockers, peacocking urban dandies, tatted- up Tenderloin bartenders, and, of course, drag queens.

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