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My Year of Eating Gluttonously

Editor-at-large Sara Deseran looks back at a very tasty 2014.

Egg on toast

Egg on toast 


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A year has again come to a close and, just like every other food blogger, I like to take a navel-gazing look back at the best things that I ate in 2014. (Actually, at 43, navel-gazing is not recommended, unless you’re sucking it in—best to just look straight ahead.) These memorable food experiences were mostly had in San Francisco, but also in Taipei, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. Clearly, I’m forgetting some goodies. Also, these are not ranked, and instead are listed in no particular order. I’m trying to be an equal opportunist here.

1. Everything was beautiful at Marin's Molina, but on a summer day—with the foggy city behind me—the combination of a bowl of cioppino and a glass of rose was good enough to make me ponder, if briefly, relocating to Mill Valley.

2. The fried duck egg salad at Kin Khao. Ok, that and the khao soi (chicken curry with noodles).

3. Octopus ceviche tostadas with a searing habanero-lime salsa at Merotoro in Mexico City.

4. Any of the guisados at Tacos Gus in Mexico City, topped with thinly shaved onion and chile. I wrote about them for this blog.

5. More guisados, specifically the chicken tinga, set atop ridiculously delicious, soft, thick, handmade tortillas at Guisados in Los Angeles. The horchata with cold-brewed coffee made a great dessert.

6. My mother’s fantastic lamb shepherd’s pie made with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach even though I technically don’t like mashed potatoes or creamed spinach.

7. A steaming bowl of hot-and-sour lamb dumpling soup (with a side of cucumber salad) at the very good Terra Cotta Warrior in the outer Sunset.

8. The patriotic burger with pickle, crispy onions, and, hell to the yes, American cheese at Causwells. Perfect.

9. The “celery victor” at chef Chris Cosentino’s new Cockscombwhich is more of a salad made with deli-thin slices of celery heart and fried chicken skin. New bumper sticker: Bacon Chicken skin makes everything better.

10. Pretty much the whole menu at Soy Milk King in Taipei, though the juicy, fat XLB and the sticky rice rolls stuffed with pork floss, savory donuts, and pickled mustard were memorable. BYO Alka-Seltzer.

11. Actually, pork floss as a whole. We even got a pack of it served like seasoning on the airplane on the way to Taipei. Pork floss makes everything better.

12. Seafood sausage with pine nuts and beurre rosé (so French!) at Monsieur Benjamin in Hayes Valley...

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