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Neighbavore: Bernal Heights

Microlocal picks from a discerning resident.

The Expert: Daniel Duane, author of How to Cook Like a Man


“They’re great about special orders. I’ve ordered 10-pound veal bones, as well as prime rib and tons of duck legs. I just love that there’s a place within walking distance that has meat I can feel great about.”
235 Cortland Ave. (near Bocana St.), 415-285-6328

Sandbox Bakery

“I get coffee here at 6 most every morning, as well as my daughters’ pastries. Both girls always like the bacon cheddar epi, made with a challah dough. I like the maple bacon scone—it’s all porky.”
833 Cortland Ave. (at Gates St.), 415-642-8580

Spice Hound

“I went in here looking for espelette pepper, and I ended up buying Aleppo. It’s really high quality. And now they’ve started stocking espelette pepper. That’s pretty rare—it’s kind of cool.”
331 Cortland Ave. (near Bocana St.), 415-449-4767


Originally published in the December 2012 issue of San Francisco.

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