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Neighbavore: North Berkeley

Microlocal picks from a discerning resident.

THE EXPERT: Michael Pollan (Author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and the forthcoming Cooked)

1. The Cheese Board Collective

"This is where I go for coffee every morning. There's a really nice scene here beginning at 7 a.m. Their coffee is excellent and cheaper than Peet's, which has its original location just around the corner. I wear blinders so I don't see the pastries." 1512 Shattuck Ave. (Near Vine St.), 510-549-3055

2. The Local Butcher Shop

"This terrific place has things like Wolfe Ranch quail and pastured chickens, as well as gorgeous sandwiches. It's owned by Aaron Rocchino, a former Chez Panisse cook, and his wife, Monica. They also sell BN Ranch turkeys, which are only like a million dollars a pound." 1600 Shattuck Ave. (Near Cedar St.), 510-845-6328

3. Saul's Restaurant & Deli

"For lunch, Saul's is kind of my diner. I'm in this funny position, having tried to promote grass-fed beef, so now I feel obligated to order it. For that, Saul's has grass-fed beef hamburgers, but they also make an excellent tuna salad and very good Middle Eastern plates." 1475 Shattuck Ave. (Near Vine St.), 510-848-3354

Originally published in the February 2013 issue of San Francisco Magazine

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