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Neighbors to Boy Billionaire: Shut the Zuck Up Already!

Penetrating the Fortress of Zuckertude.

Construction on 21st and Dolores.


It's a Dolores Heights fixer-upper near the park that just needs a little retouching here and there. So why are the neighbors so constrenated about the ongoing construction?

Because this is no ordinary reno job. It's the erection of Fort Zuckerberg: The house at 21st Street near Dolores belongs to Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan, and according to the Chron, the property has been under constant construction for over a year. Not surprisingly, the neighbors have been hitting the Unfollow button. They're sick of the No Parking signs in front of their own homes, and the dozens of construction workers going at it all hours of the day. Zuckerberg and Chan have taken out permits to remodel parts of the house that include the kitchen, office, laundry room, basement garage, and a mudroom (Ed. note: oh my god they have a mud room. Do we even have mud in SF?).

Said one neighbor who may be drawing a different conclusion than the Google bus blockaders wanted them to, "it’s hard to talk about it without sounding whiny or like the wealthy need to be punished just because they have money." No, go ahead, we'll listen.

The Zucks are pouring at the very least $1.5 million into the remodel, which is around 20,000 shares of Facebook or 10 million units worth of Farmville 2 Farm Cash, which is likely the inspiration of the gut and renovate in the first place. Just wait till the Zucks get around to putting up that Mushroom House they've always dreamed about. Then you'll see some real neighborhood outrage.


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