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New Map Price-Matches SF Neighborhoods with Tony Districts of Foreign Cities

Polk Gulch is Paris and Diamond Heights is Rome.


Housing in San Francisco has become so expensive that one month's rent (or mortgage payment) could easily underwrite a cushy European vacation. We've long known this on a gut level, but now a new map performs the dubious service of laying out all the options. The mapmakers at NeighborhoodX have done their envy-stoking homework and found that home purchase prices in Glen Park line up with those in the La Parte Vieja district of San Sebastian, and Ingleside is neck and neck with the Vieux Nice section of Nice. As Curbed SF points out, Hunters Point isn't a fancy neighborhood by any stretch, but its prices per square foot put it in league with Salamanca, a high-end neighborhood in Madrid.

And if you squint in Bernal Heights, you might be able to convince yourself that you're near Ponte Vecchio in Florence (those bridges over the Bernal cut are so picturesque this time of year). And though the Inner Sunset's pairing with Stockholm feels fateful (Karl is kind of a Scandinavian spelling, we've always thought), who'd have thought that the urban strip mall that is Diamond Heights is on a level with Centro Storico, Rome? All roads lead to Safeway, apparently.

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