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New Pop-up Brings Overloaded Japanese Hot Dogs to Oakland

Hold the kraut, pass the seaweed.

Same dog, many toppings. 


Sometimes, as they say, a hot dog is just a hot dog. Other times, the hot dog in question comes topped with bonito flakes, toasted seaweed, and wasabi honey mustard—the Japanese pantry repurposed to give your boring old wiener a jolt of umami, or a crunch, or an undercurrent of heat you didn’t know it needed.

Welcome, then, to Aburaya Kamikaze Dogs.

Newly ensconced in the Lodge cocktail bar on Piedmont Avenue, the pop-up slings Oakland-made, and notably juicy, Taylor’s sausages. But the frankfurters’ main point of distinction is the dizzying array of Japanese-inspired condiments, sauces, and toppings.

All told, there are 22 available add-ons, and if you like, or if you’ve lost a bet, you can get all 22 included for the same $8 cash-only price tag. That said, the indecisive are better off opting for the “omakase”: a dog topped according to chef Adachi Hiroyuki’s whim after the customer gives some broad parameters.

These are outlandish, maximalist hot dogs whose messiness is rivaled only by their deliciousness. They might be the only hot dogs in Oakland that you have to eat with a knife and fork.


Originally published in the October issue of San Francisco 

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