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New Tesla Battery Allows Your Grow Operation to Go Totally off the Grid

And yeah, yeah, power your house too. 


Doomsday preppers and off-the-grid pot growers: Today’s a celebration. Elon Musk announced that Tesla Motors will begin selling an rechargable lithium-ion battery to consumers that will allow a backup during power outages or when electric rates are too high and in no way will help your uncle in Mendocino continue to power his production of “medicine” when Peak Oil destroys the infrastructure that the rest of you lemmings take for granted.

In a news conference, Musk said that the battery, dubbed the Powerwall, would be sold for $3,500 and go into production later this year. “If you have the Tesla Powerwall, if the utility goes down, you still have power,” Musk said, according to the New York Times. “The whole thing is an integrated system that just works.”

Tesla already makes batteries for use in its luxury electric sedans. This step takes those out of the cars and markets them for use in homes, as well as for businesses and utilities. The batteries, which will measure four feet by three feet, will be built at the Gigafactory, a $5 billion plant currently under construction in the Nevada desert.

The move is a boon for solar companies. Homeowners with rooftop panels would be able to draw power into them, which could be used later. It’s also, in a counter-intuitive sort of way, a win for local progressives, who have often railed against the influence of PG&E. With a consumer-scale battery and solar energy production, power consumers would have to ability to fully cut themselves away from the electrical grid. Fear of that move becoming widespread has led to battles like this one in Hawaii in which the local power company has pushed for more fees to be levied on solar installations to slow their growth. Iron Man strikes again.


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