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Mission Bicycle's glow-in-the-dark Lumen paint job makes your night bike ride an illuminating experience.

By day, it’s just another gunmetal-gray commuter bike, indistinguishable in the sea of monochrome two-wheelers streaming through the city. But once the sun goes down, the new Lumen from Mission Bicycle (766 Valencia St., near 19th St., 415-683-6166) becomes a giant 3-D reflector, boomeranging beams from car headlights with a flash that’s visible up to 1,000 feet away—“the same way a cat’s eyes glow from across the lawn at night,” says Mission’s bike specialist Kai McMurty.

To develop the special paint—which coats the entire frame and wheel rims—the brand partnered with an industrial powder coating company that specializes in the reflective finish typically used on stop signs. The gleaming paint is only an extra $199 on any custom Mission bike, compared to a $75 regular paint job.

That means that for roughly the price of a bright yellow jacket and a pair of blinking lights, you can illuminate your whole ride—without looking like a show-off in the daytime.


Originally published in the May Issue of San Francisco.

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