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Night at the Museum.

The Asian Art Museum threw a party. It was educational in more ways than one.

We found the lost warrior!

Taking a break between raiding the shipping lanes.

And now you know what your high school pep squad is up to these days.

See,  fall asleep around the wrong friends and this is what you look like when you wake up.

You don't see many grown-up cherubs around Valentine's Day. This is why.

Ah, young love.

I'm pretty sure this is what's under the bed in my recurring nightmare.

It's never pink enough.

Best. School night. EVER.

Climate change means this outfit blossoms earlier every year.

Getting that dress through the metal detector was so worth it.

The Normies were largely on their own for the evening.

We had to take this photo quick; the guy in the middle was about to charge.

San Francisco's Asian Art Museum celebrated the opening of their new exhibit, China's Teracotta Warriors: The First Emperor's Legacy, with a spectacular party scene arranged by East Coast artist collective CHERYL.

The museum encouraged people to attend in costumes matching CHERYL's chosen theme (the 70s cult classic film The Warriors). Some were elegant, some were absurd, and some were just plain scary—in that good way. Check out the slideshow for a few of the highlights.