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Not Even the GOP Nominee for Controller Is Sure She'll Vote for Kashkari

Et tu, Fresno mayor?


How's this for a ringing endorsement? The GOP nominee for the state's Controller, Ashley Swearengin, isn't quite sure she'll pull the lever for the ostensible top of her ticket, Republican nomineee for Governor Neel Kashkari. 


Asked a Sacramento Press Club lunch if she would be voting for him, Swearengin said she "was still evaluating the candidates." That's the political world version of staying home because you have to wash your hair.

Part of the chilly reception seems to be fallout from Kashkari's week in July spent pretending to be a homeless person. After all he did it in Fesno—the city of which Swearengin is the mayor—rather than on Democratic turf like San Francisco, Oakland, or Los Angeles.

Of course, it isn't just all personality clashes. Swearengin is running a tight race with the Democratic nominee, Betty Yee, a Board of Equalization member from Alameda. Far closer than Kashkari is running against Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown. Swearengin's pause could be a calculated signal to moderate voters and Democrats of her independence from the rest of her party. 

Or maybe she really just doesn't like the guy.


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