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Oakland Bowling Alley Goes Back on the Market to Make All Your Home-Bowling Dreams Come True

Because you've always secretly wanted to live in a retro bowling alley.


Are you shopping for someone who has everything? Does that person have an Oakland bowling alley yet? Because a classic Fruitvale Avenue eight-laner is once again on the market for a cool $850,000, which is certainly the best deal we’ve been offered on any bowling alley this week.

The site of the onetime Dimond Bowl hit the market in June and was bought up by local business interests with the expressed purpose of revitalizing the neighborhood. But this week the deal fell through after some of the partners backed out. While this means the promised Dimond shopping center will probably never materialize, it also means that a retro Oakland bowling alley is back on the market and may be turned into any number of cool things.

Our favorite ideas: epic roller disco, indoor archery gallery, spooky haunted former bowling alley funhouse.

You have to hand it to realtor Jennifer Smith, who penned the original ad describing the circa 1946 bowling alley as a 7,690 square foot “house” with zero bedrooms and zero kitchens. Actually, there is a loft upstairs, so it’s not inaccurate. “Live upstairs, bring your dreams to life downstairs.” We like your style, Jen.

Technically the building hasn’t been a functioning bowling alley for several decades, and for the last 30 years was home to Dimond Printers, an establishment Oakland Wiki refers to as a “ghost business” and “money laundering front.” We’re going to call that speculation.

Still, everyone continues to refer to it as a former bowling alley rather than a former printshop, probably because the Dimond Printers folks never replaced the original lane floors. Dimond Bowl was once home, apparently, to "legendary" Alameda County bowlers Sam Schnect and Ralph Burkfield. Now you can carry on their legacy. And you can even wear your own shoes.


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