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An online bulletin board, with Facebook tendencies

The Palo Alto–based startup Pinterest, which saw a meteoric rise in popularity at the end of last year, has taken a lot of the work out of organizing images on the web. Not your own photo album (although you can work with that), but the stuff that catches your eye when you’re browsing a shopping site, looking for travel destinations, redecorating your living room, or doing anything else that would benefit from a visual record. The site allows you to create your own pages and “pin” images to them. And what’s a website without some sharing? Users can browse each other’s pages, and anyone can “like,” “tweet,” and “re-pin” posts and follow other users. San Francisco resident Emily Baumgarten, for example, created a bridesmaid board (she just got engaged), which let her friends “like” the off-white chiffon dress but object to the little lace number. Here’s hoping she doesn’t let them weigh in on the seating arrangements at dinner.

Editor's Note: Since this article appeared in the Feb. issue, Pinterest went on to win the Best New Startup award at TechCrunch's 2011 Crunchies.

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