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Open House Woodshop for the Masses

It sounds like a design geek’s joke: A surfboard maker, a midcentury-chair refurbisher, a furniture builder, and a painter walk into an Outer Sunset studio. Except instead of a punch line, you’re left with some seriously covetable handmade gear. After working side by side in the 2,200-square-foot space for two years, the four craftsmen behind Woodshop will host their first-ever public showcase July 7 and 8, opening up their normally appointment-only digs. Shop one-off and collaborative merchandise in the showroom space up front—sculptural wall art and mirrors hand-painted by Jeff Canham, richly grained skate decks and experimental fiberglass-free surfboards by Danny Hess, retrofitted vintage chairs by Josh Duthie, and polished hardwood tables by Luke Bartels—then peek in the sawdust-coated workshop in back. 3725 Noriega St., 415-240-5504