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Our Favorite Pre-Thanksgiving Edible Cleanse

How to head into the November gorge with a clean dietary slate.

Strawberries on gluten-free banana bread.

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Red and white quinoa with Chicken Breast and Golden Beats.

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Stuffed chicken breast.

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Turkey Meatloaf

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You know it’s coming. A month full of party punch, pigs in a blanket, chocolate-laced cookies and roasted meets is about to take your life like the best kind of party hurricane. The most fool-proof way to prepare for the impending storm of butter, sugar and fat? Buttress yourself with a healthy diet. Enter Nona Lim's meal delivery service: A cleanse that you can actually chew and swallow. While you may think meal delivery services are the kind of thing sanctioned off in the lives of Oprah and Jennifer Aniston, the pricing and portion sizes of Nona Lim's meals can actually work in your everyday life. I just completed a full week of the meals and can report that I didn't ever feel overly deprived, and I would actually want to eat some of the dishes—like the chicken hot pot with Bhutanese rice and the gluten-free banana bread with turkey sausage (see picture)—on a regular basis. 

The meal delivery service offers a full week’s worth of  meals that are free of all of the most common food allergens: corn, dairy, soy, nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant) and gluten. No two meals are alike: So you’ll be breakfasting on chia seed pudding with coconut flakes one morning, gluten-free oatmeal and rice milk, the next. Check out the sample menus here. You'll notice a lot of chicken (one of the perils of the diet's restrictions) and a heavy Asian thread through the dinner options. You can get a week’s worth of essentials for $355, which is about as much as many people spend on food anyway. (Add in a few daily snacks and the final tally goes up to $435.) If you want to clean up your diet without suffering from a constantly growling stomach and the brain fog that can come with a juice-only cleanse, I highly recommend Nona Lim. To find more information click here and look out for Nona Lim's detox cooking classes to launch at the beginning of next year. 


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