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Our Favorite Tweets About Batkid

If you're not bawling at your computer right now, you're not paying attention.

The entire city of San Francisco—sorry, Gotham—was riveted today by the exploits of Batkid, Miles, a five-year old leukemia patient (it's in remission right now) who, thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation got to live out his superhero dreams across the city today. Thousands of volunteers participated as Miles defeated the Riddler and the Penguin. Mayor Lee presented Miles with a key to the city and Police Chief Greg Suhr did his best Commissioner Gordon impersonation. 

The crowds on the street were joined by those on social media. Here's what you had to say about Batkid on Twitter this morning: 

@sarahmertan:  Bye guys moving to SF they are obviously cooler & better human beings than the rest of us #SFBatKid

@KarlTheFog: Staying away today so #SFBatKid can easily escape the trenches of evil and put the Penguin and Riddler in their place. KAPOW!

@BrianBowman_:  “He likes to be a super hero,” Batkid's mom said. “He is one. He beat an awful disease” #SFBatKid

@henryklee: A first in a long while: @SFPD reports "no major criminal incidents" from 5a Thurs to 5a Fri. Could it because #batkid is in town!?

@suzanneruecker: Decided weeping in a mob of strangers is preferable to crying at my desk when my boss walks in. #SFBatKid

@rhprocter: The #SFBatKid hashtag crashed our social media person's computer.

@daisy: #SFBatKid is my hero. As are the companies who make waterproof mascara.

@akadianephan: I cannot handle the cuteness of all the the coverage around #SFBatKid. Work productivity is steadily plummeting.

@bungaloafer:  If you don't think the #SFbatkid story is amazing you aren't human. Go #SFBatKid Go!!! #fb

@matthew_cain: An entire major city is shut down so a kid can play superhero and it's the best thing. #SFBatKid

@sosimplykay#SFBatKid Kudos to you humanity you've done well today. Best Super Hero Ever!

@FUnkymoses17: The #SFBatKid 's little brother was dressed up as Robin...this is too much emotion for a Friday 

@GabeDuverge: Just so I'm on the record, I'd take #SFBatKid in the new movie over Ben Affleck any day.

@lukeonlife: I hope the #SFBatKid isn't doing the stupid Christian Bale batman voice

@abraisnic: San Fran rallies as a city to watch #SFBatKid, Toronto rallies as a city to watch @TOMayorFord #contrast #perspective


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