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Pandora Founder Wants to Build Mansion Near Tomales Bay

The plan is going over with neighbors as well as Sean Parker's Lord of the Rings wedding did.


Ever since we saw the Godfather: Part II, we've always wanted a compound. Just some little place somewhere we could use to intimidate U.S. Senators in peace. Maybe do a little fishing with our boss's brother. That kind of thing.

So we can totally understand the impulse behind Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren's plan to build a 8,297-square-foot vacation compound in Inverness Park, a tiny unincorporated community near Tomales Bay in West Marin. And though we're cool with it, the neighbors aren't.

Maybe it's because the six-bedroom, ten-bath main house (with seventeen bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms in total on the property), with separate pool house, caretaker unit, and meditation unit, would become one of the largest dwellings in the area. Or it could be because the land used to hold two Orthodox Christian monasteries, including a small chapel—all of which were demolished in preparation for the new buildings. Maybe it's that it doesn't fit intto the community of back-to-the landers. Maybe it's just some NIMBYs looking for a handout.

Whatever it is, Westergen's getting more pushback from neighbors than Pandora is from Spotify.

At a recent meeting of the Marin County Community Development Agency, nearly two dozen letters of opposition poured in, citing everything from water use to tree removal. Westergren and his wife, Smita, who bought the land in 2008, have released an open letter defending the project, saying, "We understand there are and will be concerns raised about our forthcoming project, so we want to find ways to address these directly." They couple has also said that they plan to retire at the property, which—where have we heard that before?


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