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Peter Thiel Says Twitter Execs Are Smoking Pot

This is a bad thing because why? 

Look at this man's eyes and tell us he isn't on something


Shockingly, the founder of PayPal is throwing shade on tech companies he hasn't invested in. Shockingly. Peter Thiel took to CNBC's Squakbox this morning to deliver a series of colorful quips about Twitter, Uber, and other Bay Area tech companies.

Of Twitter, he said, "They have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company. The people, you know, probably a lot of pot smoking going on there. But it’s such a solid franchise that maybe it works even with all of that.” To be fair, Thiel is an investor in competitor Facebook. And God knows Mark Zuckerberg would never toke up. (Line of the day goes to Twitter's Dick Costolo, who tweeted he was "working my way through a giant bag of Doritos. I'll catch up with you later.")

Thiel also took a shot at Uber, calling the company "ethically challenged." Which, once again, Thiel is an investor in Lyft, the drivers of which never engage in creepy shit.

Thiel also said he'd rather invest in Google than Apple. Which, well, actually that one sounds about right.

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