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A weekend get away that doesn’t even require a car.

Yoshitomo Saito 1000 Prayers

Yoshitomo Saito 1000 Prayers 


Walnut Creek! It’s not that bad! Don’t believe us? Here’s four new reasons to give the East Bay burb a second—or first—look.

Drink: Whether you’re staving off a hangover or looking for a fresh start to the morning, you’ll find it at Honey Berry, Walnut Creek’s latest spot for boba. Not an inch of floor space or hour of the day goes to waste at a venue that serves espresso drinks, bubble-tea, smoothies, and assorted dessert items. Worth trying are the roti buns and honey bread, sweetened simple pastries used in gelato-stuffed sandwiches and honey-bread houses (it’s the gingerbread house of the tropics, filled with whipped cream and gelato and topped with fresh fruit). 1632 North Main Street 

Do: There’s lunch and there’s dinner, but what to do with the space in between? Fill that void by looking into another. From now through the middle of April, the Bedford Art Gallery is featuring “The Object & the Void – West Coast Metal Sculpture,” an exhibition that showcases the work of three local artists, and a fourth from Colorado. Metal media ranging from cast bronze to cut steel explores shape, space, and balance. 1601 Civic Dr. 

Eat: The wonders of ramen may be old hat in San Francisco, but they’re a recent addition to the Walnut Creek scene. Order a heaping bowl of Hiroshi Tonkotsu ramen, a popular pork broth base served with pork bell, egg, and exotic roots and vegetables, at Ramen Hiroshi. At $10-12 a bowl you won’t be breaking the bank. Save room for coffee jelly, green tea pudding or a helping of frozen sweet mochi before heading out the door. 1633 Bonanza St.

See: There’s trouble in River City, and you’re invited to watch it unfold. No need to book a flight to get a taste of Midwestern morality—music, mayhem, and a hint of sexual tension can all be found in the Contra Costa Musical’s production of The Music Man, playing this weekend at the Lesher Center for the Arts. Performances start at 8 pm, giving you plenty of time to brace yourself for an earful of musical theater, that you’ll secretly enjoy, no matter how much you pretend not to. 1601 Civic Drive 


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