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This Puerto Rican Egg-and-Rice Breakfast Is Truly Addictive

The arroz con huevos at Sol Food in San Rafael will make you forget breakfast potatoes.


It’s no secret that the most satisfying breakfasts are often the simplest—frying a couple of eggs, for instance, and then using the runny yolks as a sauce for toast or fried potatoes. If your carb preferences run more East than West, all you have to do is slap those eggs over a bowl of rice to get the day off to the best possible start. Longsilog, one of several addictive Filipino variations on this theme, combines garlic rice, plump sweet sausages, and eggs. When eating the particularly delicious breakfast specialty tamago gohan, the Japanese dispense with cooking the egg—they crack it raw over hot rice. At one of my favorite low-key diners, Alex’s Giant Burger in San Pablo, the breakfast rice bowl includes two eggs and two thick slices of griddled Spam: a true breakfast of champions for just a shade more than $5.

Lately, though, my go-to egg-and-rice breakfast has been the arroz con huevos ($6.50) at Sol Food, San Rafael’s Puerto Rican mainstay, where the eggs are organic, the white rice is especially savory and fluffy, and a splash of the restaurant’s vinegary, bright-orange housemade pique hot sauce makes for the ideal counterpoint to those oozy yolks. The combination, owner Marisol Hernandez says, was a favorite of her Puerto Rican father’s. Simple as the dish is, it won’t take more than a few bites before you add it to your breakfast rotation too. 901 Lincoln Ave. (at 3rd St.), San Rafael, 415-451-4765


Originally published in the September issue of San Francisco 

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