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Quiz: Which of These Tech-Company Perks Are Real?

And which are fakes that we made up? 

Curbed SF just released a list of the wildest perks at San Francisco's tech offices. You could be forgiven for thinking that some of them were fake—many of them are so twee, sophomoric, or just plain ludicrous (remember how Airbnb has a conference room that replicates the War Room from Dr. Strangelove?). In fact, to test our theory that the whole thing seems like a self-parody, we've reproduced their list below, but with one major catch. We've slipped in several false perks with the real ones. We bet you can't tell the difference. 


1. Airbnb
A. $2,000 travel credit each year 
B. Rooftop go kart races 
C. Free fresh squeezed juice and raw smoothie station 
D. Company "field trips" to San Francisco locations like SFMOMA and the Walt Disney Museum 
E. Weekly in-office yoga classes 
F. Complementary library of kombucha mothers for desktop brewing 
G. Free drop-in writing tutoring at 826 Valencia 

2. Dropbox
A. Bounce house 
B. In-house slam poetry competitions 
C. Complete music studio with drums, piano and amplifiers 
D. Boardgame nights that include pingpong, Starcraft and a DDR machine 
E. On-site haircuts and free credits for housecleaning services 
F. Jenga tower on every conference table 
G. Separate paleo-diet and vegetarian-only office kitchens 

3. Pinterest
A. Creative staff "Make-a-thons"  
B. Weekly face painting 
C. Five-minute dance parties 
D. Onsite petting zoo 
E. Boat trip celebrations 
F. Quarterly professional glamour photo shoots for high performing teams 
G. Friday night Dungeness crab feeds (in-season only) 

4. Dolby Laboratories
A. Office basement dance club 
B. Company ski cabin offered at discounted rates 
C. Early screenings of movies at Dolby offices 
D. A flexible work schedule with every other Friday off (to take advantage of that ski cabin!) 
E. Free pairs of high-end noise-cancelling headphones 
F. Home stereo expert consultant visits 
G. Brian Eno-led "soundscape" making workshops 

5. Piston Cloud Computing
A. Cuddly office rabbits 
B. 401(k) payable in Bitcoins 
C. Company paid Zipcar and Taskrabbit accounts 
D. Help with apartment searches 
E. Friday fancy dress days 
F. A beautiful, awesome hat of your choosing (bowler, fedora, panama… it's up to you) 
G. Weekly Magic: the Gathering tournaments 

6. ModCloth
A. Recess time including scavenger hunts  
B. Award-winning in-office improv troupe 
C. Company book club 
D. Library 
E. Pisco tasting parties
F. Company-wide daily 4:20 celebration 
G. SFMOMA-curated rotating art shows 

Answer Key 
1: A (true), B (false), C (false), D (true), E (true), F (false), G (false)
2: A (false), B (false), C (true), D (true), E (true), F (false), G (false)
3: A (true), B (false), C (true), D (false), E (true), F (false), G (false)
4: A (false), B (true), C  (true), D (true), E (false), F (false), G (false)
5: A (false), B (false), C (true), D (true), E (true), F (true), G (false)
6: A (true), B (false), C (true), D (true), E (false), F (false), G (false)


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