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Randy Newman Rambles Adorably About Pixar at Stern Grove

Or might be trolling. It's hard to say.


Highly successful, deeply weird recording artist Randy Newman hit up Stern Grove on Sunday, pausing before singing his international hit The Toy Story Song (not the real title, but surely what you know it as) to regale slightly confused fans with baffling stories about working with Pixar that no one can quite decide on the legitimacy of.

Among other things:

-Newman claims that for several weeks he didn’t realize Toy Story was an animated film on account of Woody the Cowboy kind of looks like Tom Hanks and he just didn’t notice the difference.

-Watching scenes out of context, he was under the impression that Buzz was A) gay and B) suicidal, and was surprised that Disney would take such an edgy track in a movie for kids.

-Apparently the best parts of his score are obscured by the sound of a barking dog in the finished film, which he still holds a grudge about.

-Supposedly, everyone at Pixar sto;; think he’s not all that bright.

This went on for about five minutes. But Randy Newman’s entire career is about making sure no one knows what he’s really thinking or saying at any given time, so it‘s hard to tell if this is intriguing insight into the creative process or just friendly trolling.

Keep in mind, his set included a song called “I’m Dead And I Don’t Know It,” the lyrics to which explain that he’s just as successful as ever but no longer anywhere near as talented and that his new songs sound exactly like his old ones, but “not as good.” At one point a blue jay interrupted, so he tried his best to accompany it.

Well, at least he was having fun. And so was everyone else. Except maybe the guys at Pixar, who for all we know are still ducking his calls.


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